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About Systems Mechanics

Founded in 1994 by Peter Godfrey , Rob Green and Chris Mathews and later joined by Terry Harding in 2006, SysMech has evolved to become a leading provider of services and products to the Telecommunications and Enterprise service provider sectors.

In the 21st Century, Networks are becoming complex, fast and critical to everyone and everything. As customer requirements continue to grow exponentially, the need to manage the performance, faults and basic service becomes a critical and fundamental need of the operator. Only SysMech has the patented, scalable, customer hardened proven technology to acquire the massive data volumes with the “Big Data” architecture to monitor, report on and control the network with its auto-actioning analytics solution.

SysMech runs its development and support organisation from offices in Whitstable, near Canterbury in Kent and sales and professional services are based at offices in Mortimer near Reading in Berkshire.